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The Purpose of this blog is to share Tristyn’s amazing story so it can give hope and inspiration to others. To read Tristyn’s full story, please visit the “Tristyn’s Story” page.


Tristyn is an incredible woman and a wonderful wife and mother. As you follow her story, you will see that there have been many ups and downs for her and her family. Though her story has had its fair share of uncertainty, one thing has remained constant, her unwavering attitude of hope and perseverance.

Tristyn was diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnant with her first child. The cancer she was diagnosed with is called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer that is very curable. Ninety percent of patients are cured after the first line of treatment, which is six months of chemo therapy. Unfortunately for Tristyn, she was not cured after the first line of treatment. She started her first chemo therapy just 5 days after giving birth to her child and had to go through many more types of treatment thereafter. Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending, and Tristyn is now in remission! She is currently working towards full recovery from her last treatment, a bone marrow transplant. Tristyn is so happy to finally be able to fully experience the joys of being a mother and to be moving forward with her life.

Not many people have to endure what Tristyn has endured. She is a shining example of how anyone can find joy in the journey despite what challenges they may face in this life. We hope that her story can bring hope and comfort to anyone who needs it.

Don’t give up hope! Keep fighting! Find joy in the journey!

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If you would like to read Tristyn’s full story, please visit the “Tristyn’s Story” page.

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