1 Year Scan

This past week was Tristyn’s first pet scan since receiving the news that she was in remission back in February. This month marks one year since Tristyn entered the hospital for her bone marrow transplant. We are pleased to announce that the results from this scan are MOSTLY good! They said that there are no real significant changes since her last scan! The reason we use the word “mostly” is because there was one small little flicker of light that the doctor’s are unsure about. The way a pet scan works is it causes the cancer in your body to light up on the scan, however, it can also cause other things to light up as well like heightened activity in the kidneys, for example. In this case, there is a small light showing up near Tristyn’s groin that the doctor’s are unsure about. They don’t think it is cancer. They pointed out that it could have been caused by a number of other situations and that her cancer has never shown up in that area of her body before. They have decided that the best thing to do is to have Tristyn re-scanned in 3 months, just to be safe and to make sure that this peculiar lit up region near her groin does not change during that time.

Despite the news not being “perfect,” we are very optimistic and hopeful that Tristyn’s Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is behind us. It has been a long journey, and we are so grateful to continue to move forward with our lives and make the most out of every day that we have been blessed with. Thank you all so much for the love, prayers, and support. We will keep you posted on Tristyn’s recovery!


2 thoughts on “1 Year Scan

  1. The best news! We love you so much and will continue to pray. You are filled with the Holy Ghost! The Light just may have been Him!!


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