Good News

Did you hear the good news??? NO MORE SCANS!!!

If you hadn’t heard the good news yet, here it is! Tristyn recently met with her team up at LDS hospital and they informed her that she will not need to be re-scanned in three months. They said that the tiny light that showed up on her last scan could have been anything and that waiting around for another scan would just be unnecessary torture at this point. They are very pleased with the results of Tristyn’s last scan and said that the only reason that Tristyn would ever need a scan in the future is if something peculiar showed up in her blood work.

Tristyn will continue to go in for regular checkups as the doctor’s work to taper her off of her post transplant medications. She will also continue to have blood work done so the doctor’s can keep an eye on how everything is going with her recovery and with her remission. These minor check ups are nothing compared to the constant medical attention Tristyn has had to endure in the past.

We are so grateful to be at this stage in the recovery process and to have everything going so well! The next steps will be to get Tristyn completely off all medications and to have all of her child vaccinations redone over time. We are finally feeling like we have found our new normal and it is great! Words cannot describe how grateful we are for Tristyn’s remission and the numerous blessing that have come with it.

Looking forward to many more happy days ahead!


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