We want to help other families who are battling cancer right now. One of the best ways to help a family burdened by cancer is to donate to their cause. The financial burden put on families due to medical bills can sometimes feel as heavy as the physical burden. Our goal is to sponsor one cancer related GoFundMe account every month to try to help a family in need. We understand that not everyone will be able to donate to every fund raiser, but we ask that you please give what you can. A lot of people donating a small amount will go a long way in helping these families.

This Month’s GoFundMe

We are looking for a new GoFundMe account to sponsor! If you know of a family who is battling cancer and has a GoFundMe account that you would like us to sponsor, please send us a message and we will put them on the site! We can also help you create a GoFundMe account for someone if necessary. Thank you!

Other Cancer Charities

There are many other charities and fund raisers that go towards cancer research and helping cancer afflicted families. Please also consider donating to one of these charities.

This Month’s GoFundMe