Life Today

Recovery Update

It has been a little over 6 months since Tristyn came home from the hospital following her bone marrow transplant. We are so pleased with how her recovery has gone up to this point. She has not had any major complications and she seems to be getting stronger every day. While there are days where she is extremely fatigued, or simply does not feel well, she still continues to laugh, smile, and live life to the fullest. She continues to prove that with the right attitude, we CAN do hard things. Everyone of us has a mountain to climb in this life. If we can remember to count our blessings and try to find joy in the journey, the climb doesn’t seem so long. We are so grateful to have Tristyn in remission and to be moving forward with our lives! Her next scan will be some time in the fall. We will do our best to keep you posted on how her journey progresses until then. Thank you for all of your love and support!

Give me mountains to climb. Give me rivers to cross. Give me something that will make me better than I was.



We were fortunate to be able to do a little trip down to Lake Powell over Memorial Day Weekend! If you have never been to Lake Powell, we highly recommend you try to schedule a trip. It is our favorite place on earth and has brought us so much happiness over the years! No where else on earth can you find such an incredible escape with such beauty and so much to do. This place is where we started our love story, it is where we went to escape during our battle with cancer, and it is where we will continue to go to make memories with our family for many years to come.

We also want to give a special thanks to all of our loved ones that have lost their lives to protect this country. You have made it possible for all of us to make happy memories like these. We honor you this holiday!

Love You Forever

Today we lost one of the most beautiful human beings the world has ever known. Annette Ferran finished her battle with cancer today and returned home to that God who gave her life. We are so sad to say goodbye for now, but so happy that she is no longer suffering. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Ferran family at this time. We are truly sorry for your loss. No one should ever have to lose someone they love so dearly at such a young age. May God be with you as you mourn the loss of your incredible wife and mother until you meet again.

Annette is one of the most inspirational people you will ever meet. She has been a great strength to Tristyn as they battled cancer together. She always had a way of giving Tristyn hope and encouragement like no one else could. Her attitude was always that of “whatever happens, happens, and that is OK.” She knew that God had a plan, and she trusted Him to take care of her family no matter what the outcome was. Her hope and optimism was contagious and will continue to give all of us strength as we move forward in this life. We love you Annette. Thank you for your life.

One of the testaments to how amazing Annette truly is, is how she lived out her last days. She wanted to spend her last days on earth serving others. Annette and her family started a campaign known as “Annette’s Army” dedicated to doing one major service project every month for 12 months. She was always thinking about how she could help others instead of worrying about herself and her own problems. She taught everyone who loved her and looked up to her to “lose yourself in the service of others.”

Follow this link to learn more about #AnnettesArmy

A First For Everything

This past week was a first for a lot of things for our little Scarlett. It was her first time on an airplane, her first time meeting her California great grand parents, her first time to Disney Land, and her first time to the Ocean!

First Time on an Airplane

First Time to Disneyland

Star struck!

First Time to the Ocean

Chasing the seagulls!

This little series of “firsts” for Scarlett was also a first for our little family, our first family vacation outside of our home state of Utah! We had a great time and made some amazing memories that will last us a life time!